100 Photographs Portfolio

Sisters of Charity Washington D.C. – 1956

Throughout his prolific career, Moore produced a remarkable body of work that amassed over 200,000 negatives. Time after time he created images of exceptional quality and technical mastery. From the realism of his documentary work to his experimentation with abstraction, Moore’s innate sense of design, composition and form typified his original and consistent vision.

Moore was remarkably methodical. Not long before his death in 2003 he personally reviewed his extensive negative archive and selected the 100 images he considered to be his finest. This selection exemplified Moore’s diverse accomplishments in documentary photography, photojournalism, refined abstraction, romantic landscapes, portraiture and architectural photography.

He felt that this set of images was pivotal to the archival record – historically, artistically and biographically. He asked his daughter, Lisa Moore, to coordinate the posthumous production of limited edition prints from each negative. She felt that this was also her father’s way of ensuring that his legacy of photographs was not only still available to the public but was represented by a collection over which he had excercised control.

To Lisa’s way of thinking, having scanned the images and recognised their importance, it was as if Moore had curated his own exhibition. She, along with help from Josef Lebovic and Guy Abrahams, coordinated a travelling exhibition that began its journey at the State Library of NSW (titled David Moore 100 photographs) in late 2005. The exhibition then travelled to Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, in 2006, changing its title to David Moore A Vision, 1927–2003; and then to Bendigo Art Gallery (2006), Shepparton Art Gallery (2006), Albury Regional Art Gallery (2007), Gold Coast City Art Gallery (2007), Wollongong City Gallery (2007), Mildura Arts Centre (2008), and finally to LaTrobe Regional Gallery (2008).

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The photographs from this collection have been individually released in a limited edition of 90. They are printed on archival fibre-base paper, selenium toned, titled, signed, dated, blind stamped, and editioned by Lisa Moore. The paper size of each print is 40.6 x 50.8cm.

The edition numbered 1 – 10 is priced at $AU1,650.00, with the price increasing after number 10/90 is sold.

Please email Lisa Moore, Josef Lebovic (Josef Lebovic Gallery) or Darren Hopton (State Library of NSW) for further enquiries.

Self Portrait, Corio, Victoria – 1942Sydney Harbour Bridge, 2 – 1947Erskine Street and AWA tower – c. 1947Funnel of <em>Orion</em> – 1947Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney – 1947Surry Hills boy 1 – 1948 Surry Hills boy 2 – 1948 Surry Hills street – 1948<em>Orcades</em> departure, Pyrmont – c.1948GPO corner, George Street, Sydney – c.1949Redfern interior – 1949Alexandria, Sydney – c.1949Miners, Pacific Colliery, Hunter Valley – c.1949Martin Place, Sydney – 1949Martin Place 5.10pm, Sydney – 1949 MLC Building, Martin Place, Sydney – c.1949 <em>Himalaya</em> and Fort Denison – 1950Painting the <em>Himalaya,</em> Sydney – 1950Cargo storage, <em>Himalaya,</em> Sydney – 1950<em>Himalaya</em> at dusk, Sydney – 1950Departure of the <em>Himalaya,</em> Sydney – 1950Man in telephone booth, Lucerne, Switzerland – 1952St Pauls Cathedral from Bankside, London – c.1952George Johnston, Fleet Street, London – c.1952Pimlico Street, winter, London – c.1952Battersea Fun Fair, London – c.1952 Before the Coronation, London –1953 Fairground horses, UK – c.1953Waiting for the Coronation – 1953Horse Race, Epson, UK – c.1953 Coronation crowd, Trafalgar Square, London – 1953Cycling, Herne Hill, UK – c.1953Diving suits, Menorca, Spain – 1954 Christmas Day swim, The Serpentine, London – c.1955Henry Moore, Sculptor, Much Hadham, UK – c.1955Bulganin and Kruschev leaving Chequers, UK – 1956Sir Anthony Eden, London – 1956Sisters of Charity, Washington D.C. – 1956Baseball fans, Yankee Stadium, New York – 1956On the Staten Island ferry, New York – 1956 John Foster Dulles, US Secretary of State, Washington DC – 1956Judges at the Dublin Horse Show – 1956 Times Square, New York City – 1956Len Howard, naturalist, UK – 1957 Nuns at Lourdes Centenary, France – 1958Manly Ferry and Unilever building, Circular Quay – 1958Lifesavers at Manly – 1959Aboriginal couple, Finnis Springs Mission, South Australia – 1959 William Dobell, painter, Potts Point, Sydney – 1960Bar Betoota races, Queensland – 1961 Sun patterns within the Sydney Opera House – 1962Pole vault, Commonwealth Games, Perth – 1962 Rush hour, Circular Quay, Sydney – 1962Pitjantjatjara children 1, South Australia – 1963 Pitjantjatjara children with chair, South Australia – 1963 Billy tea, Mern Merna Station, South Australia – 1963 Outback children, South Australia – 1963 Bar billiards, Lancelin, Western Australia – 1963 Newcastle steelworks, New South Wales – 1963 Cray fishermen, Lancelin, Western Australia – 1963 Sumo championship, Tokyo, Japan – 1963 Sydney Cricket Ground from the Hill –1963 Rolling Stones fans, Sydney – 1965 Sydney Opera House construction – 1965Placing roof section, Sydney Opera House – 1965Sydney Harbour from 16,000 feet – 1966Contoured rice field, New South Wales – 1966 President Johnson and Prime Minister Holt at Canberra Airport – 1966Migrants arriving in Sydney – 1966Migrant woman – 1966Sydney Opera House under construction – 1966Sydney Opera House – 1967Christo wraps the coastline, New South Wales – 1969Fred Williams pulling an etching, Hawthorne, Victoria – 1969The Impossible Tree – 1972Snow fence, Wyoming, USA – 1973Landscape nude 2 – 1973 Underwater nude 3 – 1973Underwater nude 1 – 1973Landscape nude 1 – 1973Hotel room view, New York City – 1973Up in New York 12 – 1973 Pacific surf, Tallow Beach 2, New South Wales – 1973Sheet series 2 – 1974Mannequin factory 2, Sydney – 1974 Mannequin factory 5, Sydney – 1974 Andre Kertesz, Photographer, New York – 1975Max Dupain, Photographer, Sydney – 1976 Western Distributor forms 1, Sydney – 1979Western Distributor forms 2, Sydney – 1979 Western Distributor multiple 3, Sydney – 1979 <em>Columbus Australia</em> detail 1 – 1979Lower Manhattan from New Jersey 3 – 1974 Robert Klippel, sculptor, Birchgrove, Sydney – 1979Harbour Bridge steelwork 2, Sydney – 1981 Lloyd Rees at 90, Northwood, Sydney – 1985Sixth Avenue, New York City – 1986 Hunter River driftwood and slack water – 1988Monaro landscape with lake, New South Wales – 1992Glebe Island bridge with full moon – 1997