America Portfolio

Baseball fans, Yankee Stadium, New York – 1956

From London Moore had been represented in New York by the agent Bryon Dobell who established the Gamma Picture Agency. Edward Weston, Walker Evans and others had influenced his earlier photographs and now he aspired to learn more about America and its people.

While in London the Norwegian Airline Braathens SAFE  offered Moore a half price fare from Oslo to New York via Iceland in exchange for a few pictures. To cover the balancing 50 percent, Moore approached The Observer’s David Astor and suggested they cover 50 percent of his expenses if he photographed whatever they needed in New York and Washington. The deal was made.

He had a daunting list of picture needs from the paper: some twenty portraits of politicians, academics, sociologists, entrepreneurs, writers, military brass and the legendary CBS broadcaster Ed Murrow. The Observer also wanted him to cover the United Nations Organisation, including a portrait of the Secretary-General, Dag Hammarskjöld, as well as election campaigning in New York City.

The trip to America also gave Moore the opportunity to find his own pictures: the Lincoln Memorial, depressed Negro housing, Eisenhower’s birthday celebrations in Washington, baseball fans at a World Series match in Yankee Stadium and the street life of Times Square in New York.

Later in his life Moore visited the US some twenty times. In particular, he always held a deep affection for New York.

For enquiries about these photographs please email Lisa Moore, or Josef Lebovic (Josef Lebovic Gallery).

Times Square, New York City – 1956John Foster Dulles, US Secretary of State, Washington DC – 1956On the Staten Island ferry, New York – 1956 Up in New York 12 – 1973 Lower Manhattan from New Jersey 3 – 1974 Sixth Avenue, New York City – 1986 Lewis Mumford, socialist, New York – 1956Averell Harriman, Politician, New York State – 1956Ed Murrow, CBS Broadcaster, New York – 1956Robert Moses, NY City Planner, New York – 1956UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld New York – 1956General Twynning, Washington DC, USA – 1956Robert Murphy, US Department of State, Washington DC, USA – 1956Secretary Hoover, US State Department, Washington DC, USA – 1956Backstage, Carnegie Hall, New York, USA – 1956Central Park, New York – 1956From inside a car showroom on Broadway, New York – 1956Manhattan with Chrysler Building, New York, USA – 1956Manhattan with Empire State Building, New York – 1956Baseball fans, Yankee Stadium, New York – 1956Sisters of Charity, Washington D.C. – 1956Manhattan skyline – 1956TV aerials, New York, USA – 1956New Yorkers fishing – 1956Paper seller, Times Square, New York with Sunday papers – 1956Hotel room view, New York City – 1973Up in New York, 7 – 1975Up in New York, 8 – 19746th Avenue, New York with sculpture – 1973Up in New York 4 (version 2) – 1973Up in New York 4 – 1973Skyscrapers in Manhattan – c.1973Finnish Women's Gymnastic Group from Helsinki University, Barnard College, Colombia University, New York – 1956Snow fence, Wyoming, USA – 1973In praise of Walker Evans, Louisiana – c.1974Cactus and hills – 1999Tobacco barn, West Virginia – 1973Detail of wooden door – 1999Death Valley, Arizona – 1999 Grand Canyon, Arizona – 1999Grand Canyon, south rim – 1999We sell different things – 1999Rolling hills – 1999Georgetown, Washington DC, USA – 1956Sisters of Charity, Washington DC, USA – 1956Washington DC, USA – 1956Washington National Airport, USA – 1956Airline terminal, USA – c.1974Andre Kertesz, Photographer, New York – 1975Cars and brick wall, New York – c.1974Crash Landing Restaurant, New Orleans – 1973Hotel room, New York City – c.1974New York shop window, 2 – c.1974New York shop window – c.1974Up in New York, 1 – 1973Store window with reflections, New York – c.1974Sunday afternoon, New York City – c.1974Sunday afternoon, Fifth Ave, New York – c.1974